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Microsoft, VMWare, Vodafone, IBM, GE Digital - a cross-cloud expertise from design and audit, planning and execution, migration to devops, serverless, ai, ml - whatever it takes to push the envelope

Our Approach

Get the right cloud,  at the right price, for the right investment, every time - reach out today

Why Us?

Hard problems are what we love - rushing toward complexity - solving the right problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner

Bob Rapp - Principal Cloud Architect / Founder


Bob Rapp

CIO, CTO, IBM, Microsoft, VMware, GE, Vodafone, Cloud Architect - AWS, Azure, Google

AI, ML, Big Data, Containers, Docker, K8 - Kubernetes, Serverless, Functions, Lamdba

AWS Certified Architect and Certified Instructor

Microsoft Certified and MCT

Google Cloud certified.